With Electric vehicle sales ever increasing, more and more people are realising electric vehicles offer several advantages over a vehicle with a combustion engine. Below are 5 of the many advantages electric vehicles have to offer.

Zero Emissions

The main benefit of driving an electric vehicle is that they do not produce any harmful emissions when driving. By not producing these harmful emissions, you are doing your part to protect and preserve the future of our planet.

Unlimited Access to City Centers

Nowadays, more and more cities are introducing ULEZ (Ultra low emissions zones) or even ZEZ (Zero emission zones) up and down the country. This means that there is a fee for driving a petrol or diesel vehicle through these areas. If you are consistently travelling through one of these zones, going electric will save you a lot of money.

Electricity is Cheaper than Petrol

Last year, petrol and electricity prices increased dramatically throughout the UK. Even though both increased, it is still clear that electricity is much cheaper than petrol. In this respect, you can save daily running costs with an electric vehicle compared to a vehicle with a combustion engine. Charging at home is often the cheapest option especially when using an intelligent charger/provider allowing you to select the cheapest rates through the night/day.

Petrol and Diesel Cars to be banned from 2030

With a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles looming ever closer, there is no better time to start looking at alternative transport types. Even plug-in Hybrid Vehicles will eventually be effected by the ban.

Less Maintenance

The technology of an electric vehicle drivetrain and its ancillaries is much simpler than that of a combustion engine drivetrain. It contains fewer moving and rotating parts, so, there is less room for error and less requirement for lubricating and maintaining parts.

With these in mind, Morris Commercial has vowed to never produce a vehicle with a combustion engine. The all-electric Morris JE will be available to preorder in the first half of this year.

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