Morris JE FAQ

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Is the Morris JE made in the UK?

Yes, our Headquarters are in Worcestershire and all the key staff and Management are UK based. Most, if not all parts are sourced from the UK. It is completely, and proudly, designed in the UK, engineered in the UK, sourced in the UK and made in the UK.

Where can I purchase my Morris JE?

You can register for Morris JE Pre-Order Updates directly through the Morris Commercial website now. Once Pre-Orders open, you’ll be among the first to be offered the opportunity to place a confirmed Pre-Order, thereby reserving your early build slot and ensuring you’ll be one of the first to take delivery of the all-electric Morris JE. Click here to sign up for Pre-Order Updates.

How much will my Morris JE cost?

Morris Commercial is building cutting-edge, next-generation commercial vehicles with quality British craftmanship. The Morris JE will have a starting price around £60,000 when it goes on sale in Q4 2024/Q1 2025. More information regarding vehicle specifications and costs will be announced closer to launch.

Are there any Government Grants available?

Each Morris JE currently qualifies for a £5000 Government grant. If you are a UK business, public sector body or charity you can receive government grants towards the upfront costs of the installation of electric vehicle charge points up to the value of £14,000. The Morris JE will also have free access to the increasing number of ULEZ city centres.

Are there lease or finance options?

Yes, we plan to offer a range of flexible lease and financing options which we will announce at a later stage.

Will the Morris JE hold its value well?

The Morris JE’s stunning and quintessential British design is iconic and timeless, making it a highly desirable van. At Morris Commercial, we focus on quality over quantity and the high degree of craftmanship employed in the construction ensures that the Morris JE will hold its value well for years to come.

When will the first deliveries arrive?

Deliveries will start from Q4 2024/Q1 2025 and firstly for the UK-based customers who have placed advanced Pre-Orders. Following the domestic launch, we will commence deliveries to our international customers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America and more. Sign up for Pre-Order Updates to be among the first to take delivery of this iconic van.

Where can I see the Morris JE?

We will be taking the Morris JE to many events throughout 2024. These events will be announced on social media and in our newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter here

Can I test drive the Morris JE?

We will be offering test drives closer to the launch. Sign-up for Pre-Order Updates to be among the first on the list.

Can I order a Morris JE if I’m from outside of the UK?

Of course! You can order a Morris JE outside of the UK and we will start international deliveries shortly after the UK launch in Q4 2024/Q1 2025. Please check with us if you are unsure. Sign-up for Pre-Order Updates to be among the first on the list.


What are the benefits of owning a Morris JE?

The benefits of owning a Morris JE are huge and wide-ranging! The iconic design will attract attention and demonstrate the unique charm of your business making it the ideal mobile advertising solution, while the all-electric driveline is environmentally-friendly and reduces running costs. The sustainability benefits are further enhanced by the high number of recycled and recyclable materials used in the construction.

What is the range of the Morris JE?

We are aiming to bring the Morris JE to market with a range up to 250 miles depending on the battery. Morris Commercial will release more information regarding battery options and range closer to delivery.

Where do I charge my Morris JE?

Charging at Home or at work – Is a convenient way to top up your Morris JE. Simply plug in the supplied type 2 connector into a socket or your wall box to charge. Morris will be able to supply details of our preferred installers closer to launch.

Charging at public locations – There are currently charging points at over 15,500 public locations in the UK, which is double the amount of petrol stations, with a target of over 300,000 public chargers available by 2030.

Rapid charger – Your Morris JE can be fast charged using a DC rapid charger and will reach 80% charge in as little as 20 minutes.

How long does it take to charge my Morris JE?

A rapid 50kWh charger will charge the Morris JE’s battery from 20% to 80% in as little as 30 minutes, while it can take up to 9 hours using a standard 7kW charging point.

Where can I get my Morris JE serviced and repaired?

We plan to offer a flexible range of servicing and repair & maintenance packages and these will be announced closer to the launch.

What is the warranty on the Morris JE?

Peace-of-mind will be provided by a comprehensive, fully-comprehensive warranty that will be announced closer to the launch.


Where is the factory located?

As with all Morris Commercial vehicles, the All-New, All-Electric Morris JE will be designed, engineered and built in Britain. The design and engineering have been carried out at Morris Commercial’s HQ in Worcestershire and further factory details will be released in due course. 

What is the factory capacity?

At Morris Commercial, we pride ourselves on quality over quantity, with high levels of craftmanship, detail and customisation. Production ramp-up will take place 12 months after initial production, and we aim to produce in excess of 1,000 vehicles annually.

When will production start?

After successfully concluding the engineering and certification phase, we are gearing up for the Production phase. Production of the Morris JE is expected to commence in the Q4 2024/Q1 2025.


What is the vehicle made of?

The Body panels will be produced with recycled carbon fibre. The front and rear bumper will be produced with a new material which contains recycled carbon fibre with other materials to provide more crash resistant properties. The chassis is a full aluminium design produced by the Morris team and is a skateboard design.

What payload can the Morris JE carry?

 Thanks to its lightweight design, the Morris JE has a payload of 1,000 kg and boasts a class-leading load volume of 6.6m³ (2 Euro pallets or 8′ X 4′ sheet).

Can I tow a trailer with my Morris JE?

Yes, the Morris JE will be available with a towbar and 13-pin electrics and will have a towing capacity of up to one-tonne.

What are the load area dimensions of the Morris JE?

We will be announcing exact details on body sizes and load bay dimensions closer to launch, but it will have a 6.6m³ load volume and capacity for two Euro pallets or 8′ X 4′ sheet.

Do I need a tachograph for the Morris JE?

No. Thanks to the Morris JE’s lightweight carbon-fibre body construction and aluminium and carbon-fibre chassis, the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is 2.5t. This means that even when the JE is carrying the maximum payload of 1,000kg – one of the highest payloads in the eLCV segment – the combined mass is still just 2.5t. Only vans over 3.5t are required to have a tachograph.

How safe is the Morris JE?

We aim to create one of the safest vans on the road and the Morris JE will feature the most advanced safety systems to help protect you, your loved ones and other road users.


Does Morris Commercial support autonomous driving?

Yes, technology is at the heart of everything we do. The Morris JE will be launched with the legally permitted level of autonomous driving technology.

Are you doing a minibus or pickup?

Yes, we plan to launch both a minibus and pickup variant shortly after the van launch.

Can I invest in Morris Commercial?

If you would like to find out more about investment opportunities in Morris Commercial, please complete our investors form. Click here for our Investors page.

Can I work for Morris Commercial?

Morris Commercial is a UK-based automotive engineering and manufacturing start-up with innovation as its core value and a vision of creating desirable carbon neutral transport. Morris Commercial set out to revive the historic British Icon, the Morris J Type, with state-of-the-art technology, zero emission, full battery electric and complete newly engineered vehicles with the timeless iconic, original Morris Commercial design heritage and beautiful British craftsmanship. We are growing rapidly and welcome talent that embraces diversity and cross-industry expertise. If you share our vision and have the skills and motivation and would like to join our mission, please browse the latest vacancies on our careers page or get in touch if you believe that you have the special skills and expertise we will need.

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