We bought our J-van, Horace the Morris, for £295 in April 1982 from Bronsil Strawberry Farm, Eastnor, giving Roger Middleton, the farmer, a useful profit on the £37/10/- he paid and we’ve enjoyed it ever since. Our J-van has done weddings, day trips, pub runs, rallies, ticket deliveries, school proms, holidays, shows, removal work and camper van work, all in all a really fun van to own as the many images on the vehicle fleet pages of the goldrick.co.uk website show.

I recently retired after 30 years at the Ticket Office at Ledbury Railway Station. The J-van was an important part of the Ledbury Station business and was there on 30th March 2019, my final day.

Amazing, just a few months later, to witness this J-van rebirth.

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