When I was little, the happiest years of my life, we lived in Clitheroe, right next to the Gasworks. It was a Gasworks house and apparently my Dad was a Pipeline Inspector. On a daily basis he would park his J-type van outside the house, come and get me, sit me on his knee in the cab, and let me “drive” it into the Gasworks yard. As you can imagine, I LOVED doing this. The photograph shows a van very much like my Dad’s.

For many years I wanted a Morris Commercial J-type van! I did actually own a couple later in life, but each time I had one, my wife was keen for me to sell it as their prices were rising, which is a fair point.

Fast forward some significant time and I now have one once more (pictured). Sadly, it needs a lot of bodywork, BUT I hope to find someone to do the required work. Then I plan to have it sprayed in NWGB (North Western Gas Board) colours and logos and take it back to the gasworks yard in Clitheroe.

Of course, I will park it outside our old house too, with the owner’s permission, and take some photographs. Then I will enjoy the driving it around the roads where Dad used to drive it.

Nowadays, the Gasworks is a sheltered housing area (I believe) and there may well be residents who remember the old NWGB vans running around. Furthermore, I believe the Gasworks Manager still lives across the road. If this is true, I’m sure he’ll remember the old van, and be pleased to see the restoration it has inspired.

It is my wish to get someone renovating my latest J-type acquisition (pictured) very soon.  Hopefully you have very much you enjoyed my story. Once it has been restored to its former glory and is ready to be presented, I will contact the media.

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