Ten years ago, rock legend Sir Mick Jagger, fell in love with the Morris J-type whilst strolling through a central London park.

The Rolling Stones star was walking through Wandsworth Common with his son when he came across an immaculate Morris J-type selling ice cream.

£100,000 for a J-type

Morris J type ice cream van

Purchasing a couple of ice creams from the vendor, Guiseppe Della Camera, Sir Mick offered £100,000 to buy the Morris ice cream van. However, the devoted dad politely declined the rock star’s bid, Guiseppe promising his 12-year-old daughter, when one day the time came for her wanting to marry, he’d drive her in the Morris. 

Spending ten years and £35,000 restoring the 1954 Morris J-type to perfection. Guiseppe said: ‘I was working with Carter’s Steam Fair on Wandsworth Common when Sir Mick came up with his son and bought a couple of ice creams.

‘He told me he’d fallen in love with my van and asked if I would consider selling it. I was stunned when he offered me £100,000.

‘Sir Mick has seven children and I think he probably wanted my Morris to entertain his grandchildren.’

Guiseppe said: ‘I must admit I was tempted when he offered me £100,000. But I told him I couldn’t possibly sell it because it’s always been my dream to drive my daughter to her wedding one day in my little ice cream van.’

From farmland to funfair

Morris J type ice cream van

English-born Guiseppe found the rusty old J-type in a farmer’s field when driving through the countryside near Stonehenge. The van was being used by a farmer for his chickens to lay eggs in.

Guiseppe was told if he wanted the van, he would have to pay £2,000 by the next day – as the farmer was going on holiday.

A priceless J-type

Guiseppe said: ‘I sell traditional Italian ice cream for just a few pounds a serving, but I couldn’t bear to sell my beloved Morris J-type ice cream van to Sir Mick – not even for £100,000.’

Morris J type ice cream van

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