Morris Commercial made a roaring entrance at the electrifying British Motor Show held at Farnborough from August 17th to 20th, 2023, as honoured guests of A Plan Insurance. The show was an absolute blockbuster, drawing a colossal crown of more than 58,000 avid automotive enthusiasts over the four-day extravaganza. But the real star of the show? None other than our jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring Morris JE van, stealing the spotlight and igniting a frenzy of excitement.

As the curtains rose on this automotive spectacle, the Morris JE van emerged as the showstopper, casting a spell of enchantment, and sparking an unquenchable thirst for innovation. Our Morris booth became a bustling epicentre of curiosity, with the thronging crowd drawn to the magnetic charisma of the JE van. 

The youngest amongst us, our pint-sized afficionados, fell head over wheels in love with our Morris Junior. They flocked to our corner with giggles of glee, insisting on repeat visits, while their enthralled parents couldn’t help but ‘pour over’ every detail of the JE van.

But that’s not all; our pièce de resistance, the ‘Door’ exhibit, was an absolute attention-grabber. Guests from all walks of life were left spellbound, their jaws dropping in disbelief at the feather-light marvel that was our fully recycled carbon fibre door. It was a spectacle that left everyone amazed at the future of sustainable engineering. 

Morris Commercial didn’t just attend the British Motor Show; we super-charged it, captured hearts, and left an indelible mark in the annals of automotive history. We didn’t simply display a vehicle; we showcased innovation, passion, and the electrifying future of transportation. 

Several famous people visited the stand to see the Morris JE, including The Stig from Top Gear; here he is with our very own John Killick from Morris Commercial. 

When can you next see the Morris JE Van? The iconic, classic, electric Morris JE Van will be the star feature in front of the QEII Centre, Westminster, London on Monday 18th September, from 09:00hrs to 17:00hrs in support of the SMMT ‘Electrified’ event. If you are in London, come along to see the beautiful, elegant Morris JE, and meet the team who will be with the van on the day.

Following this, our precious Morris JE will be on display in the SMMT showroom, 71, Great Peter Street, London, SW1P 2BN from 12:00hrs on Thursday 21st September, through until 13:00hrs on Thursday 28th September. 

If you would like to make an appointment to view the Morris JE van in detail, and to discuss your interest in adding the Morris JE to your fleet or transport requirements, then please make an appointment through the link provided below. 

Last month saw some very encouraging news from the SMMT concerning Commercial Vehicle sales in the year to August 2023 with growth of 20.7 % YTD, and the significant growth of Electric Vehicles (BEV) content of 94.6 % in August. Excellent market signals and positive news for Morris. 

Morris Commercial, with the new Morris JE van, is ideally placed to capitalise on this market growth situation in the LCV and BEV sectors, and to provide a class-leading, British built iconic van into this dynamic electric commercial vehicle marketplace. 

The vehicle is now close to production readiness, with the completion of various prototype and development vehicles featuring the ultralight recycled carbon fibre monocoque body and aluminium chassis. We are marching through our final journey of engineering validation, certification, and productionisation, planning to start production in Q4, 2024. We will start with UK Market deliveries first, followed then by Europe and USA/Australia, and further afield.

Starting in Q4, 2023, we will open the reservation book and request a returnable reservation fee. The current pre-order registered customers will have up to 5 days to make their reservations for the very first Special Edition Morris JE vans, prior to the opportunity being made available to the wider public in mid-October. 

If you have not yet signed up for the pre-order registration, then you can do so here:

Further details of this process will be communicated in our October newsletter, including the terms and conditions of the reservation fee, and the ongoing process of specifications and payments. 

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