Final Evolution Revealed at Millbrook

 Following the successful and entertaining Silverstone Classic, we headed to the CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle Show at Millbrook, an exciting show for both the Team at Morris Commercial and for Morris JE fans as we revealed the final evolution Morris JE fully electric van. This is a step change from the blue/cream proof of concept van, loved by so many. The body is made from re-cycled carbon fibre, off production tooling and the “skateboard” chassis now carries the final configuration of battery, motor etc. all in a beautiful new colour scheme. For us, this was a really thrilling event as it is our final step to electric van production.

With 2,500 kg of gross weight and a range of up to 250 miles, the all-new, all-electric Morris JE offers a class-leading payload of 1,000 kg. This is principally accomplished by combining a lightweight aluminium frame with a body made of recycled carbon fibre. We took a carbon fibre door along to show guests how lightweight this material is, and we encouraged them to guess its weight. Congratulations to Oliver who got closest to the correct weight. Your goodies are in the post!

We are super proud and happy to say that the new Morris JE van got a great reception from the attendees, and everyone loved the new colour – Salmon Pink. The new Morris JE attracted many exciting visitors, including John Bentley from The Gadget Show.

Granddad meets the new kids

After its successful debut at the CENEX LCV show, the super new Salmon Pink Morris JE returned home and met the prestigious Morris J Type, its Granddad, who is our design inspiration for the 2022 Morris JE!

The team at Morris also joined Granddad and the new kids for a family photo.

We know it is a cliché, but ‘Teamwork really does make the dream work’.

We thank you all for visiting us at the LCV show and for the encouraging words which certainly motivates us to tirelessly work towards the production which will begin next year. To get the latest updates about the journey of the new Morris JE, sign up for the preorder updates.

Did You See John & Grandad out for a stroll?

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