A cleaner, sustainable future is in sight as the interest in electric vehicles (EVs) continues to soar, but, despite plug-in sales growing by 43% annually?, electric vehicles only total about 4% of the global, light vehicle market.

Road transport pollution makes up just over 20% of all CO2 emissions caused by humans. EVs like the new Morris JE van reduce these harmful road transport emissions by up to 30% when operating with electricity generated from fossil fuels, and over 70% when using electricity generated from renewable energy sources. So, with many reasons behind going electric, why are consumers still hesitant to make the move? It mostly comes down to one point, EV Range Anxiety.

Morris Commercial Red Bull JE

EV range anxiety is the fear of running out of power on a journey and not being able to find an EV charging point. It’s a major stumbling block to greater EV adoption, and it has more to do with psychology than the actual range of EVs or the availability of charging points. The range of EVs has increased by roughly 15% on average in the last few years and the infrastructure for physical charging points is constantly expanding. There are now over 42,000 charge points in the UK in over 15,500 locations.

With outstanding power-to-weight efficiency and the latest in battery technology, the new Morris JE will  have a range of 200 miles. This is plenty of range for most trips, reducing the need to charge, and in turn, reducing your range anxiety.

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