The Morris JE will meet the government’s latest initiative to encourage major fleets to buy British-built electric vans. Design, engineered and manufactured in the UK, the Morris JE is the perfect choice for van buyers wanting to protect the environment and support the UK manufacturing sector.

Morris JE John Lewis

The Government’s Electric Vehicle Fleet Accelerator (EVFA) encourages the seven members, which comprises of the large fleets bp, BT, Direct Line Group, Royal Mail, ScottishPower, Severn Trent and Tesco, to support the domestic EV industry by switching entirely to British-built electric vans like the Morris JE by 2030. 

With its quintessential British design, the Morris JE’s iconic appearance makes it the ideal mobile advertising solution that extends its appeal beyond the large fleets to SMEs and small boutique businesses.

However, the JE’s design is also purposeful, with a carbon-fibre body construction and an aluminium and carbon-fibre chassis which helps reduce weight and allows the JE to boast an impressive payload of 1,000kg – despite a GVW of just 2.5t.

Morris JE load area

As most 2.5t eLCVs only offer around a 750kg payload, the Morris JE offers a 25% journey reduction, the best energy consumption and lowest running cost. Many of the components are both recycled and recyclable which further enhances its environmental appeal.

Morris Commercial Red Bull JE

The Morris JE draws inspiration from the Morris J-Type of the 1950’s. This van was hugely successful with small and large fleets alike in post-war Britain, with companies like the Royal Mail, Walls, Dunlop and John Lewis all placing large orders.

Morris Commercial Red Bull JE

With a range of 200 miles, the Morris JE has one of the longest ranges of any electric van and the agenda also pledges investment of up to £50bn of public money over the next five years in EV infrastructure and grants – ensuring even more charging points for electric vehicles.

Between the seven EVFA members, the EVFA group has committed to converting their fleets British fleet to UK-built electric vans like the Morris JE by 2030 or sooner – expected to be in the region of 70,000 vehicles. The Morris JE is due to enter production in 2022 and Pre-Order updates are now being taken.

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