For almost 30 years, the United Nations has been bringing together countries for global climate summits, called COPS. This year, the 26th annual summit has begun, giving it the name COP26 with the UK as it’s president. COP26 is taking place in Glasgow.

With COP26 underway, we took this opportunity to reflect on how Morris Commercial is tackling climate change head on.

Morris Commercial Red Bull JE

It is now widely acknowledged that diesel emits dangerously high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and petrol produces high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). Still heavily reliant on burning fossil fuels, the global transport sector is one of the biggest producers of CO2, more than doubling its emissions since 1970. In Europe, transport is the biggest source of carbon emissions, with cars and vans responsible for more than two-thirds of this. Morris Commercial has sworn never to create a vehicle with an internal combustion engine in order to combat the production of C02 in the transport sector, and help preserve our planet.


Morris Commercial Red Bull JE

Morris Commercial is the automotive engineering and manufacturing start-up behind the all-new, all-electric Morris JE van. Based in the United Kingdom, Morris Commercial is reinventing the original world-renowned “Morris” brand with sustainability as our core value while using the original Morris’ iconic design, innovation, and engineering excellency. We are bringing Morris Commercial to a sustainable future with all zero emission vehicles.

The Morris JE has been designed from top to bottom with sustainability as its core attribute. The vehicle is built with fully recycled carbon fibre and recyclable body, lightweight chassis platform and delivers an unparalleled 1ton payload at the 2.5ton gross vehicle weight. 25% more than similar vehicles in the market.

Sign up for preorder updates today. Your choice to go electric will help build and maintain a healthier future for our planet.

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