The 2022 event season really took off for the Morris all-new, all-electric JE van with a triumphant return to a much enlarged “Fully Charged Live” show at Farnborough airport. The JE attracted a constant stream of admirers with many declaring it to be the best vehicle at the show. Back at base we have taken delivery of our off tools re-cycled carbon body panels and so we brought along a door assembly to demonstrate to the visitors how great a weight saving this material provides and how it helps the Morris JE to achieve its class leading payload of 1,000 kg in a small 2.5 ton GVW van and its range of 200 plus miles

We turned this scientific demonstration into a competition, inviting the Morris admires to guess the weight of the pink and cream Morris JE door by picking it up. The competition really suited all ages with lots of children taking part in the fun, with big smiles of total surprise on their faces as they triumphantly held the unexpectedly light, full size door up high. We had over one hundred entries, with wide ranging estimates and the closest to the actual weight on each day has been sent a Morris Commercial “goody bag”!

We were also told by one visitor that the high potential strength of carbon fibre was realised in 1963 by him and his colleagues at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough within a few metres of where we were standing. It was then patented by the UK MoD…. You learn something every day!

This coming weekend, we’ve been invited to the “Classics at Prescott” charity event on 15th May, run by the Winchcombe Rotary Club at Prescott Hillclimb in Gloucestershire. Monies raised go to local good causes, but this year most is going to support Ukrainian projects. The Morris JE will be sitting proudly in the orchard display area, where we also hope to meet Richard Hammond, who is filming for his new garage project. This should be a fun and informal day and a chance for local artisan traders to see the Morris JE for the first time and to understand how it will greatly benefit their businesses. Just the job for the Cotswolds!

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